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A place for notes that don’t fit in my main categories: Watching my collection of Criterion Collection films, and On the business of Hollywood.

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An evolving filmography about power

Updated: November 14, 2021. First created: November, 14, 2021. I have been fortunate enough to teach university classes on politics and film. I am certain few students in these classes could guess how stressful it was to assemble a list of films for each semester. The films I showed in class or assigned as homework … Continue reading An evolving filmography about power

With Great Power Comes Great Fear

Blair Fix writes about some of my research. The subject is not directly related to cinema, but readers might be interested nonetheless. Economics from the Top Down Over the last year, I’ve watched with horror and amusement as health agencies around the world flip-flopped their advice on how to deal with COVID. My horror comes … Continue reading With Great Power Comes Great Fear

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